Become a Childbirth Educator (CBE, USA)

Course Requirements:

  • You can take our online Childbirth & Parenting classes from the comfort from your home. They cover everything from planning a baby, giving birth, postpartum healing to parenting to help new parents feel a little more prepared.

  • Get the knowledge and encouragement you need to feel more confident and in control starting today.

  • State the course fees which is missing in the text.

  • You have a maximum of 2 years to complete all course requirements. You may finish earlier as well. There is no minimum time limit. Candidate must be at least 18 years of age.

  • Be a member of CAPPA.

  • Attend a CAPPA Childbirth Educator Training Workshop.

  • Read the Manual and the required books from the CAPPA Reading list.

  • Observe a childbirth education class designed for parents at least 10 hours in length. The class must be taught by a child birth educator currently certified by CAPPA, LAMAZE or ICEA.

  • Observe a breast feeding class designed for parents taught by an IBCLC, CLC or CLE with proof of attendance.

  • Observe a local new born care class designed for parents.

  • Complete a total of 2 student teaching hours with a certified instructor.

  • Observe two labors / births totaling at least 10 hours.

  • Create a resource list with information on local support for parents.

  • Complete an essay / research paper as assigned by your mentor.

  • Pass the multiple choice exam and essays. An 85% passing grade is required.

  • In order for candidates to be eligible for CAPPA certification they must sign and agree to the following forms; Code of Conduct and Social Media Policy, Grievance Policy, Mission Statement, CAPPA Approach / Philosophy Statement, Vision Statement and Scope of Practice.

  • Course Fee:/ (Includes – One year CAPPA International Membership, Certification Packet, Manual, Workshop Fee & Mentor Fee. (It does not include the cost of the reading books.)

For Registration and more details contact [email protected], call: 0091-8976358267

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