Baby Weaning

Good eaters aren’t born, they’re raised.  Solid food gives babies the nutrients they need to grow and develop as they get older. Chewing solids also helps develop your baby’s speech muscles develop. Eating solids is important for baby’s social development too, as they start to eat the same foods as the rest of your family. Baby weaning is a crucial aspect of development – it is very difficult to reverse habit and much easier to prevent them by introducing good eating habits early on. In the long run, this can also help in addressing weight related health and body image issues as an adult.

The goals of  our Baby Weaning session is to:

  • To lay a solid foundation for your child’s health.

  • To create healthy family habits that will extend on to your child and eventually their children.

  • To play a role in making future generations smart and successful through good nutrition.

  • Because it is very difficult to reverse habits, it is much easier to prevent them!

  • Because it is difficult as an adult to deal with weight related health and body image issues, that is a lot of pressure for a child.

The weaning session includes:

  • When to start – how to tell when your baby is ready for solids

  • Best first foods – what foods to start with and how much to offer

  • How to make sure baby gets the right balance of nutrients

  • What foods to avoid

  • How to introduce solids safely – how to avoid choking and what to do about allergies

  • How solids might affect your baby’s digestion.

  • Fussy eaters

  • Dos and don’ts

  • Healthy food Substitutes

  • Trying to incorporate your baby to family meals

  • Baby led vs Mother led Weaning or combination feeding

  • Starting with water, milk

  • Sample meal plan 6 months to 1 year

  • Transitioning to Cup / Straw / Sipper

  • Q&A

If you have a baby aged 4-6 months, this webinar is suitable for you. It is also suitable if your baby is younger and you want to be ready when the time comes to introduce solids.


Platform : Zoom

 Register whatsapp: +91 89763 58267

Fees: Rs. 2000/-

 includes detailed Handouts and over 50 recipes

*Facilitator* : Seema Kazi Rangnekar, Internationally certified Childbirth, Lactation, Prenatal, Fitness, Nutrition Parenting Coach

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