Couple’s Pregnancy Program

Understand your pregnancy through a series of personalized sessions. Our Childbirth educators are active birth professionals offering real world experience, share knowledgeable and evidence- based information. They will help and support you through this entire journey and beyond.

We offer five sessions, with a duration of approximately 2.5 to 3 hours each session. These include:

  • Your Pregnancy, baby development, Nutrition & Fitness In this session you will learn:

    • How to make pregnancy more comfortable.

    • Get answers to common questions and information about concerns.

    • About prenatal development.

    • About danger signals in pregnancy.

    • About pregnancy and how your life is affected.

    • About premature labor and how to prevent it.

    • how to involve your family in your pregnancy and birth.

  • Labor & Birthing- Your partner and you will learn how to prepare for labor and birthing in this three hour session. You will also learn about:

    • good communication skills and birth plans.

    • how to tell if this is labor.

    • about support options (birth support partners, doulas)

    • what to expect during labor and birthing.

    • Learn about pain relief options.

    • Vaginal & Cesarean Births

    • Episiotomies

    • Exercises, Breathing & Visualization to help labor progress

    • Husband’s role as a birth support partner

  • Breastfeeding Breastfeeding is the most challenging part of motherhood. Learn about:

    • How to get a good start in the hospital

    • A good and an effective latch

    • Is my milk enough?

    • Latching positions

    • Expressing & storing milk

    • Getting back to work

    • Alternative feeding options

  • Newborn Babycare In this session learn about:

    • Taking care of your new baby

    • Common new born complaints

    • About infant stimulation and development techniques.

    • Things you really need to buy for your baby

    • Understand the secret language of your baby

  • Postpartum Mother care, Nutrition and Exercise Postpartum is a special time for recovering post birth of your baby. Preparing for it as much as you prepare for pregnancy, labor and birthing is essential. Embracing this phase positively goes a long way in coping with this phase. Learn about:

    • Caring for your body post a vaginal / caesarean birth

    • Dealing with Emotions – postpartum blues – postpartum depression

    • Getting back to shape – safe postnatal exercises

    • Pelvic floor strengthening and core repair

    • Supportive environment at hospital and home

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