Lakshmy Sadasivan

My journey with Seema began with prenatal workouts. My pregnancy journey, labour & birthing, postpartum, breastfeeding and now on the cusp on weaning would be incomplete without mentioning her role in it. She has been my guide and support throughout! Her workshops helped me immensely in this beautiful journey of motherhood and continues to be so.
I truly believe that Seema’s prenatal workouts and visualisation techniques were the core reason for my ability to give birth vaginally. She built my confidence and strength, mentally and physically, despite a major physical injury that I faced during my pregnancy.
Seema as a lactation consultant is amazing! Without her help in those first two weeks, me and my little one would not have been able to enjoy this journey of breastfeeding. In fact I can say that my daughter is exclusively breastfed because Seema helped me through my issues.
I attended her baby led weaning workshop just yesterday as my little one is going to turn six months old in a weeks’time. I know that this journey with solids is going to be an absolute joy because of Seema’s knowledge and support 🙂
I will recommend her without an ounce of doubt 🙂
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