Fleur Dsilva

I first consulted Seema a few days after my baby was born. She was so kind and answered all my questions with respect to lactation, latching etc and post my consultation with her I have exclusively breast fed my baby. Being a new mother I was anxious but with her advice I really was able to feed my baby with confidence.
Our interaction wasn’t over there. I joined her post natal classes and trust me they are so good. She targets every area of the body and these exercises really helped me in my post partum recovery
Fast forwarding to 5 months post partum when I started solids with my baby I attended her weaning session and trust me I had all the guidance I needed to start my weaning journey.
My baby is able to eat all sorts of food something I’d never imagine doing if I didn’t have the right guidance.
Seema has truly been a blessing to me ad she is so approachable at all times and always ready to answer questions and give the best answers. Really grateful for everything and my post partum journey has been so great thanks to her.
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