Niti Solanki

Being a first time parent can bring in a series or worries and inhibitions. I was just another paranoid first time Mama until I met Seema. Seema has been my go to person for all things related to my baby girl. Breastfeeding can be quite overwhelming for first time Moms but speaking and consulting with Seema made the entire breastfeeding journey one of the most pleasant, endearing and memorable experiences. Whether it was my breastfeeding journey or my postpartum experience, Seema helped me through it so effortlessly. I then took the session for weaning off my little girl and transitioning her to solids. The session was so informative that when I implemented all that I learnt from the session, it was almost like a fun activity that me and my daughter enjoyed doing every morning. Eating became fun for her and she started exploring different kinds of food. These sessions are great for new parents to understand the nuances of parenting and Seema almost makes you feel like she is in this journey together with you, making it so much easier and fun for new parents to experience the joy of parenting.
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