Postnatal Healing & Care

For so many, preparation is all about birth. Labor and birth are the bridge. Postpartum is the destination, and it’s where you’ll be for the rest of your life once you become a mother.

It deserves your respect, care and attention.

Up-level your understanding and preparation of the postpartum time so that you can experience all of the opportunities that lie within this transformative period.

The transformation is yours to claim, but only if you go into it prepared with this blueprint given to us by our ancestors.

This Session will include:

  • Postpartum Healing and care

  • Emotions during postnatal period – postpartum blues, postpartum depression

  • Taking care after a Vaginal birth

  • Taking care after a C section birth

  • Perineal tears

  • Scar tissue massage

  • Pelvic floor healing

  • Getting back to Exercising – Safe Postnatal Exercises to help strengthen pelvic and core muscles

  • Postnatal Nutrition – Healing Foods

  • Family planning


Platform : In-person/ Online on Zoom / Recording

 Duration: 1.5 hours

Register whatsapp: +91 89763 58267

Fees: Rs. 5000/-

Includes detailed handouts

Continuous Whatsapp support group

All the sessions are for couples, if partner would like to attend they are welcome.

*Facilitator* : Seema Kazi Rangnekar, Internationally certified Childbirth, Lactation, Prenatal, Fitness, Nutrition Parenting Coach

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