“I am so glad I gave my body a chance to birth naturally” : 7th Anniversary Special – Mother And Baby India

Seema Kazi-Rangnekar, a mother of two and internationally certified pregnancy fitness and nutrition educator from CAPPA (USA), shares her story of natural hospital birth of her babies Samara and Samarveer FIRST OF ITS KIND “WHEN I was expecting for the first time, I did not experience morning sickness or nausea at all and continued working…Read More “

The number of C-sections has gone up in India.

BY SWAGATA YADAVAR Sneha Singhal, 26, of Chandigarh had hoped for a normal delivery, but 15 days into her ninth month of pregnancy, she was told her baby was too heavy and that she had to undergo a caesarian section. For six months after her C-section (CS), Singhal was advised not to bend or do rigorous exercise.

Sama Birthing & Beyond: How Seema Kazi Rangnekar is Partnering Families in their Pregnancy Journeys

A first-time mother, Seema Kazi Rangnekar was scared. It was only after giving birth that she realised she was not the only one. She was frightened due to lack of knowledge and the many preconceptions surrounding pregnancy. She also realised how little continued support mothers-to-be had during this period.

Caring for a New-born

Overwhelming at first, especially for first time parents, taking care of your little bundle is a challenge and that’s putting it mildly. Prepare yourself at the onset, that at times, you may not know what to do under certain circumstances, and that is absolutely fine.

Pops in a Pod

Parenting is a wonderful journey, any parent will tell you that. Of course, like everything else, it has its ups and downs but more importantly parenting is a responsibility. Unfortunately, in our country and other parts of the world the word parent is synonymous with mother.

Why should you attend a prenatal class?

While expecting, you probably have access to a lot of information on Pregnancy, Labor & Birth. You might also get to hear a lot of stories from family, friends and strangers too. Prenatal or Childbirth classes help you in sifting through this information, addresses your queries, and helps you prepare for labor, birthing and early parenthood.

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