Pregnancy Fitness



Exercise & Pregnancy go hand in hand. Regular exercise in pregnancy has a lot of benefits. Regular exercise will help you keep fit and help avoid pregnancy complications like preeclampsia and diabetes. Exercise will also help you keep your weight gain under control and can shorten labour.

The level of exercise you can do depends on your fitness level prior to pregnancy. So, if you ran frequently before you found out you were pregnant and you don’t have any pregnancy complications, there’s no reason why you should stop as long as you do some sensible modifications to your training program. Make sure you talk to your midwife or doctor about exercise and pregnancy. Not all exercises are suitable for pregnant women – so seek professional advice early.

Stay fit during your pregnancy. Exercises are taught specifically to manage your changing body by strengthening your pelvic floor muscles, core, back and legs. Each session ends with labor breathing, guided visualization and relaxation.

Exercise sessions happen through the week in Juhu & Bandra. Call us to book a trail session.


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